Help Anisha and Aisha Shelter 40 People in Gaza!

by Revive Darul Arqam

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We have all witnessed the genocide unfold in front of our eyes with our brothers, sisters, children, babies, volunteers, doctors and aid workers in Palestine!
Over 75% of the total population of Gaza have been displaced. Their homes destroyed to the grounds that they had built for decades… Imagine the heart ache felt, what must they be feeling?? Losing everything! Imagine if that was you! 2.7 million people across occupied Palestine need humanitarian assistance. Over 47% of the population of Gaza are children. We all may wonder how we can support to ease a little pain and how we can provide a little reassurance.
Please help Anisha & Aisha raise some funds to help shelter up to 40 displaced people in Gaza through Revive.
Your generous donations will help support to provide shelter, food parcels and bread to those displaced families in Gaza. Any amount will go a long way and will make that difference to the people of the land Insha’Allah! Allah says in the Quran “If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole of humanity” Quran verse 5:3. With your support, we can offer comfort and safety to those affected by the ongoing challenges. Every contribution counts, no matter the size.
We are undertaking this project with Revive; Reg Charity No 1187831. They provide sustainable projects through Networks of Scholars with a 100% Donation Strategy | Zakat and Sadaqah Eligible
How are we Distributing Aid Despite Challenges?
Is Humanitarian Aid reaching Gaza?
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Mohammed Shakil £20.00 June 12, 2024
Sayed & Aisha Alli £100.00 June 12, 2024
sabina bhimani £100.00 June 12, 2024
Mariam Heangora £100.00 June 12, 2024
Mariam Mohamed £20.00 June 12, 2024
Anonymous £35.00 June 11, 2024
Anonymous £8.05 June 11, 2024