Help Kamal Fund a Well for a Remote and Neglected Syrian Village!

by Revive Darul Arqam

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Revive Darul Arqam

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Campaign Story

I recently went to Syria to distribute your donations to refugees and displaced families in need. What I saw there shook my heart.

One of the villages we went to, Ra’s al-Ayn, is severely neglected. Due to it’s remote location, no aid gets there. Neither from the East or West! We were the first ones ever from Europe to visit the village. The houses were dilapidated, with many families having to either remain in suffering, or leave the village as they don’t have access to water.

Revive will be providing a water pumping station, and desalination plant. The well, being 400M deep, will allow us to access a purer and longer lasting supply of water to help irrigate crops and feed farm animals so that the villagers have a  chance, a hope, to live.

The Prophet Muhammed ﷺ said the best charity to give is water! – So imagine the reward for gifting water to an entire village of Syrian families – remember the du’a of the oppressed is never rejected!

The total cost of this project is £30,000, but together with the deployment team we’re each going to raise £5000 and continue this journey of supporting the lands we visited!

Heres how your donation will help, £30,000 will provide:

  • The Water Well
  • A Water Pumping Station
  • And a Water Desalination Plant

Please donate generously, as many as you can – This project will Revive a land that we fear is dying!

Share this appeal widely to raise awareness and help us to reach our target!

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