Help Muhammad Yusuf Malik to Provide Emergency Aid in Gaza!

by Muhammad Yusuf Malik

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Muhammad Yusuf Malik

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Allah swt said he put a fitrah in every human beings heart. That fitrah inside me is crying as we helplessly watch the injustices take place in Palestine. Innocent Men, Women and children have fled repeatedly from the north to the south. This has created an intense humanitarian aid crisis. There is not enough food, shelter or safe drinking water. So please donate to save innocent little live’s. I read a Hadith once that said “Perhaps you may be sleeping while the doors of Jannah are knocking with tens of supplications for you, by a poor person you aided, or a sad person you made happy, or a distressed person you brought relief to. Therefore, do not underestimate doing good at all”. Please DONATE today and help me save innocent lives in Gaza, Palestine from Yusuf Sustainable Projects Through Networks of Scholars | 100% Donation Strategy | Sadaqah and Zakat Eligible  
How are we Distributing Aid Despite Challenges?
Is Humanitarian Aid reaching Gaza?
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Well done! Malik Family £20.00 June 07, 2024
Israr Hussain Malik £10.00 June 07, 2024
Ikrar Hussain Malik £10.00 June 07, 2024
Aisha Malik £20.00 June 06, 2024
Nowshia Waring £20.00 June 06, 2024
Isaal e sawaab Zawar Hussain Malik £50.00 June 05, 2024
Ibrar Malik £13.00 June 05, 2024
Anonymous £5.00 June 05, 2024
Joulia Taha £20.00 June 04, 2024
Waseem Hanif £20.00 June 04, 2024
Anonymous £10.00 June 04, 2024
Anonymous £30.00 June 04, 2024
Anonymous £1.00 June 04, 2024