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“…whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.” – Qur’an 5:32.

Can you imagine developing symptoms of cancer and having no means to pursue diagnosis and treatment or to be given the all clear? There is no NHS in Bosnia.

Rural Bosnia is lacking in health facilities, meaning that people are passing away prematurely and suffering from a lack of healthcare support through major illnesses. Growing humanitarian needs in Bosnia are also increasing demand for a service which doesn’t exist to accommodate the existing population. Healthcare which we all take for granted, few of us consider how much we value access to it until we need it. However thousands of people in Bosnia in poor rural areas require access to diagnosis for diseases such as cancer.

CT Scanners are commonly referred to as CAT Scans. Carried our by a radiologist in a clinic, CT scanners deliver detailed imagery of internal tissues, organs, blood vessels and bones. They are commonly used for:

  • Diagnosis – Breaks, internal organ damage, blood flow, stokes and cancer.
  • Identifying the need for testes and treatments – e.g. if a tumour is detected during a CT scan, the patient will be referred for a biopsy.
  • Monitoring long-term conditions – such a monitoring if a tumour is responding to treatment to shrink it.

An entire population of Bosnian people (254,686 people) have no access to CT scanners. It is estimated that 150,000 patients annually are in need of diagnosis through such a service and will benefit from access to this CT Scanner.

You can help by donating Sadaqah & Zakat in order to provide the CT scanner they need!

  1. Donate any amount
  2. Donate a full share of £750 (your name will be displayed next to the CT scanner)
  3. Donate the full amount £19000 (your name or company name if donated through a business will be displayed next to the CT scanner)
  4. Share this appeal to help us reach our target!
  5. Giftaid it – Donating through gift aid helps us to maintain our 100% donation strategy!

Imagine the long-term rewards with Allah for improving the quality of life and chance of cure from illness for around 150,000 per year!

We accept Sadaqah and Zakat for this appeal. The clinic in which will run this appeal is a humanitarian clinic serving patients with little or no access to health insurance or health products. 100% Donation Strategy.

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous £10.00 April 30, 2022
Anonymous £100.00 April 28, 2022
Anonymous £100.00 April 23, 2022
Anonymous £100.00 April 11, 2022
Anonymous £500.00 April 09, 2022
Anonymous £5.00 April 08, 2022
Cherry Dakin £100.00 April 04, 2022
Asma Mulla £30.00 March 24, 2022
Anonymous £750.00 March 21, 2022
Anonymous £1,000.00 March 21, 2022
Anonymous £10.00 March 18, 2022
Anonymous £1,000.00 March 14, 2022
Anonymous £100.00 March 14, 2022