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War in Bosnia ended over 25 years ago, however on-going suffering and oppression remains. In the aftermath of the Bosnian war many Bosnian Muslims fled for a safer land. Others, remained loyal to their roots and stayed, however this was largely down to their own self sacrifice and expense. Bosnian Muslims were largely pushed out from wealthy areas into poor rural villages and neighbourhoods where there is still a drastic lack of education and opportunity. A split government has caused rising food prices due to high imports from neighbouring countries making food simply unaffordable for impoverished families. Can you imagine entering Ramadan without enough sustenance to feed your family?

We are feeding 2,500 impoverished and displaced Bosnian families in Republika Srpska throughout Ramadan who are facing displacement, oppression and hunger. These areas have not recovered from the war and Muslims in these areas are subject to discrimination in the same way they suffered 25-30 years ago. These are the most needy families amongst the Bosnian Muslims.

You can help by donating Sadaqah, Zakat or General donations:

£1 per meal – Donate as many as you can!

£21 per food parcel to feed Suhoor and Iftar for 2 weeks

£42 per food parcel to feed Suhoor and Iftar an impoverished family throughout Ramadan

Please donate generously and show our closest Muslim neighbours they have NOT been forgotten like they were during the war!

Share this appeal widely to raise awareness and fund for our Bosnian neighbours whose suffering has been largely forgotten!

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