Sponsored Bradgate Hike for Bosnia!

by revive

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Salam Aleikum wrwb,

As you may be aware, the worst genocide took place in Bosnia only 27 years ago, and the people are still suffering from this, many mothers have become widowed and children become orphans.

To help those suffering, we have organised a sponsored nature hike for your child to take part in- our targeted s 10,000 steps!

This is unique opportunity for your child to make a difference to others who are less fortunate around the world and make them understand the ideas of sharing and compassion for others.

This will be counted as Sadaqah Jaariyah for you and your child and even your loved ones.

We invite everyone to take part in this unique opportunity to raise money for humanitarian aid in Bosnia!

Please Share with friends and family for increase in reward.

Please bring in the donations with your child on the next session, a prize will be allocated to the child that raises the most sponsors!

JazakAllah khayr and Allah reward and increase you for your generosity.

Name Donate Amount Date
Shamila Majid £20.00 August 25, 2022
Hajra Jasat £130.00 August 21, 2022
Shereen Iqbal £270.00 August 21, 2022
Noreen Akhtar £40.00 August 19, 2022
Anonymous £20.00 August 18, 2022
Serra Ataman £20.00 August 17, 2022
Amira Bhula £10.00 August 17, 2022
Noreen Akhtar £10.00 August 16, 2022
Anonymous £20.00 August 16, 2022
Anonymous £10.00 August 16, 2022
Shaheen Popat £20.00 August 16, 2022
Farah patel £10.00 August 10, 2022