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For those who live in rural Bosnian villages, there is little education and a lack of opportunity, oppressing 60% of the population of Bosnia into an ongoing cycle of poverty, with no clear way to improve life. Education is reserved for boys – to save money poor rural families keep their girls at home. This has created a gender inequality gap, oppressing the women of Bosnia into a lifetime of poverty and a lack of opportunity.

Furthermore, high import rates due to a split government means that poor families can’t afford the ever rising cost of food prices. Currently, poor areas have a lack of resources to change this – however revive is changing that fact!

We are building for Agricultural Sustainability:

  • 11 Greenhouses for crop farming to grow strawberries, peppers, cucumbers and flowers.
  • Providing seeds to begin the initial onset of agricultural cultivation of land. Seeds from the grown produce will be recycled to produce future crops.
  • Containers which contain industrial fridges and dehydration systems in order to keep produce fresh for sale all year around and also create high-quality dried fruit goods which can be sold to consumers, shops and food businesses.

By the final stage, the full scale of this project will provide 12/15 jobs which will be prioritised for women in poor families, to give them opportunity to sustain themselves and their families from the poverty they are currently trapped in.

The Prophet Muhammed ﷺ said “Whomsoever feeds a believer till he is satisfied, Allah will enter him in to Paradise from a Gate which is reserved only for him.” – Tabarani. So imagine the reward for a project which feeds and entire community continuously for the foreseeable future! Furthermore, this project will create a micro-economy which fights back against the oppressive imports system and rising food prices.

Each Project Costs £6333 including the cooling and dehydration system. You can donate:

£634 for a full share in the project (between 10 donors). Each donor’s name who donates a full share will be displayed at the site of the project (upon request – for those who with to remain anonymous)

You are welcome to donate in any amount towards this project.

Or Donate the full amount!

(Please add a note to your donation stating if you wish for your name to be displayed or if you wish to remain anonymous, if you are purchasing a full share or the full amount).

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