Umar’s Charity Deployment to Syria

by Revive Darul Arqam

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Revive Darul Arqam

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Assalamualaykum, I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to Syria again to distribute aid in August. I will be revisiting the places we saw last time to monitor the progress of the increased production of bread, as well as the correct running of a new water supply which will supply 8 villages with vital water for drinking and irrigation. Revive is providing vital aid to the people of Syria where 12 million are in need of humanitarian aid and 6.2 million have been displaced due to a catastrophic war. Many of these are orphans and widows. Revive operates 2 bread factories providing essential food to many refugee camps, for the majority of inhabitants of the camps, this is the only food they have. They are also providing water to Ra’s al-Ayn, an area which is severely neglected. Due to it’s remote location, no aid gets there.  Revive are the only charity operating in the area. With many families having to either find extortionate amounts to have a paltry amount of water delivered, or leave the village for good. Many of the families are farmers so this water will give them a lifeline to be able to irrigate their farms and become self sufficient. I will be visiting the factories, refugee camps and Ra’s al-Ayn to monitor the distribution of aid, expand Revive’s operations and ensure the those who need help the most are the ones receiving it/ Please donate generously, as many as you can – This project will Revive a land that we fear is dying! Share this appeal widely to raise awareness and help us to reach our target! Sadaqah & Zakat Eligible 100% Donation Strategy Revive – Sustainable projects through networks of Scholars